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The Home Of Lanbur Beagles
We bred and raised these "Famous" Beagles:
Gator plays the part of Louie and is the star of the movie CATS AND DOGS. He was bred and raised here and sold to the outstanding trainers Boones Animals For Hollywood when he was around a year of age. Louie was half way to his show Championship when we decided that he had what it takes to be a star!
Dennis played the role of Buddy who was the main Beagle depicted in the movie REGARDING HENRY. He is a Show Champion whose official name is Champion Lanbur The Real McCoy. We named him after the our friend the famous dog show handler Dennis McCoy. He has now gone to "Doggy Heaven" but he was owned by Janet and Bill Neiland in California.
Breezy is a female Beagle playing the part of a male. She plays the part of Porthos on the Television show STAR TREK. She too has points toward her Show Championship. She is owned by the Hollywood Dog Trainer Cathy Pittman.
We didn't actually breed Pipsie but thought we would include her on this page as she is 3/4 our breeding. Pipsie is a gorgeous young female puppy whose father is Champion Lanbur One Man Show and her mother is a  daughter of Champion Lanbur Dressed For Success. She is owned and bred by our good friends Todd and Polly Ranson, and Shirley Irwin of New Jersey. She will be in the movie NAILED RIGHT IN  starring Alec Baldwin and Freddie Prinze Jr.