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Below are e mails and letters that I received from happy buyers of my puppies.
Dear Jon,

I hope this e-mail address is still good.  I was just playing with Poco (your Molly, sold to me in October 2004 when I lived in Columbus, OH), and had the idea to contact you to let you know how wonderful it all turned out.  She's my true companion.  Such a sweet, gentle, playful, loving girl.   Here is a picture of her all grown up - She turned 3 this past July!

Everyone who meets her says she's the prettiest beagle they've ever seen, and immediately adores her.  Thank you for bringing such a wonderful friend into my life! 

E mailed to me on December 12, 2007

Hi Jon:
Here is Lexus  having a ball in the 6-inch snowfall (The Winter Wallop) in Pittsburgh. It was the first snowfall of the season.

Jon --- she turned out to be a wonderful beagle and we give her everything she wants.

Lexus is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Santa Dog on Christmas Day. Although she is only 17 months old, we put up the Big Christmas tree. As soon as Bill took the tree out of the box, Lexus (thinking it was a yew shrub) started to bite the branches. After the tree was decorated, I was in the kitchen and I heard a noise in the livingroom. Lexus whacked 3 ornaments off the bottom of the tree and was playing "kickball" with them using her front paws.

There is no-one like our baby-girl Lexus! We LOVE her! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year, 2010.

Pittsburgh, PA.

E mailed to me on December 15, 2009
E mailed to me on December 20, 2009

Sorry it took us so long.  Here are some pictures of Banner.  She is a beauty.  Sweet as could be, playful, and lovable.  We entered her in our town's dog competition in 2008 and 2009.  In 2008 she won for the category of cutest puppy and this year she won in the category of most adorable eyes.  Over 125 dogs entered.  We would love to bring her for a visit one day soon.

Kelly and Beverly
Hi Jon,

We have been meaning to send you a note earlier but with our puppy - 
we don't have much free time!
You have probably heard this too many times to count - but wanted to 
let you know the pup we got from you in November is just adorable and 
of such high quality.

You called him Ryder - he was the littlest pup of Rainey's litter - we 
picked him up from Linda (you were at a dog show).  We have gotten so 
many compliments on him (from our vet - that said he was in excellent 
health and that you had done such a great job on the dew claws, etc.) 
(from the dog trainer - we took him to puppy class - she said he was 
really a good looking beagle and very smart - even though he slept 
through the first three classes - he made up for it later) (from our 
neighbors and friends - who clearly would be biased).

We wanted to thank you for caring so much about this breed and in 
carrying on the tradition of good quality breeding practices and 
offering some fabulous dogs to folks who just want a pet to love!

Your farm in Advance is also quite stunning.

So thanks again for what you do and how you do it!  We clearly have 
and will refer folks to you.  And we may be back for a buddy for our 
little guy (who we named Spenser) a few years out - we need to get 
through one puppyhood at a time!!!!

Take care.

Don and Kathy
E mailed to me on March 6, 2010
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Ci Jon

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home safely.  We have renamed Susie and
we now call her Bella. She has settled in quite nicely and has had tons of visitors
and even made a trip to the hospital yesterday to meet my staff.  We really are
enjoying her and I wanted to thank you again for everything.  She really is a sweet
little pup.  Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.


E mailed to me on September 21, 2010
We received the paper today for Crystal.  Thanks so much.  She is a great puppy.  We are enjoying her very much.  She is smart and very trainable.  She is also growing very fast!!! 

E mailed to me on November 5, 2010
Hi Jon,
We slept with Cody in our room last night. At first, cos of the long 
flight he was a little shy and very quiet but as the night progress he 
begun to play with Bella my other beagle. He got along pretty well 
with my other dogs and I must say he's a licker hahaha. My young boy 
loves him instantaneously cos he started licking him in the face..  Thanks again for
giving  us a chance to take care of Cody and giving him a good home 
God Bless.

E mailed to me on September 5, 2010
E mailed to me on November 16, 2010
Hi Jon!!  
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our "Ellie"  ( aka Glenda)!!!!  She is an amazing puppy!   Everyone is admiring her--- she has such an awesome personality.  We are thrilled
that she is part of our family. We really appreciate all the care you put into raising your puppies.
I am hoping that we can add a little sister to our family in Spring. 
Thanks again!   Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

E mailed to me on November 18, 2010
Hi Jon,

Got the paperwork today and completed the registration online. 
"Dexter" is doing fantastically well and we love our new family 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. Have a great holiday season!



I just wanted to let you know that I love California. On my first day my new parents  changed my name to Katie and played with me for hours. I met my new sister Betsy and she really likes me alot. We played forever!
This is my new bed and it feels pretty cool.

E mailed to me on November 2,  2010